(all prices are inclusive of material and delivery costs)

Acrylic Portraits on canvas can be commissioned in 4 standard sizes. Watercolour, charcoal and graphite commissions are offered at 2 standard sizes.These sizes can be altered to meet the client’s needs in consultation with the artist. See the terms of agreement outlined in the artist's contract (below) for more information on how to acquire a one of a kind gift that will survive generations.

All prices apply to the rendering of one(1) subject with minimal background per commissioned painting. To commission a painting with two or more subjects  and/or a detailed background work please see Terms of Agreement (below).


16x 20 inches. 

This delightful size best suits smaller rooms and intimate spaces where the viewer can get closer to the artwork. It fits well into existing displays and easily fits into suitcases for international travel. Head and chest compositions are only offered at this size;This is to maintain the integrity of the subject within the portrait.Cost. $2,100 tt.


2feet x 3feet
(24 x 36 inches)

This is a comfortable portrait size that will immediately assert itself from the wall and become a conversational piece. Head and chest and ½ figure compositions work best at this size without the loss of the subject’s dominance within the painting or the allure of the artist’s personal technique. Cost.$3,000 tt.

18 x 24inches
(1½ft x2ft).

This is also a size that can co- exist comfortably with other works in a room and still become a focal point.  It is recommended that at this size the composition is restricted to the head and chest as the subject becomes less prominent at a distance if more of the body is shown. Cost.$2,500 tt.   

Life Size
3feet x 4feet 
(36 x48 inches)

The dimensions of this painting deliver an unmistakable statement of art on the walls of a home or institution and provides a focal point that will distinctly characterize a room. Often a portrait at this size is the focal display of a wall or room and conjures lingering memory of the subject because of its visual the scale. At this size head and chest, ¾ figure and full length composition of the subject can be achieved (please see compositional descriptions below).


Head and chest and ½ figure compositions at this size create a larger than life representation of the subject with all the character of the artist’s brush strokes and unique style visible on the surface of the canvas. Cost.$5000 tt.



16x 20 inches.

Watercolour is perhaps most beautiful on smaller surfaces and this size painting  stands at the boarder of the ideal dimensions of a nunanced, smaller watercolour work.  It is recommended that at this size the composition is restricted to the head and chest as the subject becomes less prominent at a distance if more of the body is shown

Cost.$1,800 tt.  


18inches x 24inches

(1½ft x2ft)

This attention catching size  works wonders for smaller rooms and intimate spaces where the viewer can get close to the artwork. It fits well into existing collections and easily fits into suitcases for international travel. Head and chest compositions are only offered at this size; This is to maintain the integrity of the subject within the portrait. Cost.$2,500 tt.    



14 x 17 inches (and under)


14 x 17 inches and under

$800 tt. 


18 x24 inches


18x 24 inches


Terms of Agreement


Kenwyn Murray's Portrait Commission Contract (sample)


This is a portrait commission contract between the


located at

Mailing address):


Phone: __________________________

and the "Artists" Kenwyn Murray located at #127 Nutones Boulevard, Malabar, Arima.

The Client wishes to commission the artists to create an artistic portrait of

______________________________________________ the "subject".

By entering this contract the Client acknowledges that they have reviewed other portraits of the Artist and is familiar with the artist’s style and wishes to have a fine art portrait of the subject completed by the Artist. (Examples of the Artist’s work can be viewed at

The Client: ___________________________________________________ has made the choice

to have the Subject: __________________________________________________'s portrait composed in the medium identified below with a composition containing the Subject's a)Face   b)Head and Shoulders   c) Half     d)Three Quarter   e) Full  

with the background image described below.

Back Ground: a)Minimal    b) Detail     (if detail explain):



Desired medium a)acrylic on canvas     b)watercolour on watercolour paper c)graphite d) charcoal

Additional Subjects:

Define: ____________________________________


and of the size: _________" by _________ ".

Additional subjects within a commisioned piece can be secured at a sum the equivelent of 20% of the identified price as it relates to the corresponding size of the work. The cost of portraits requiring detailed background work and complex wardrobe renderings are to be agreed upon between the Client and Artist.


1.The Client and Artists have agreed on the final price of the commissioned artwork, with the above mentioned sizes and materials, at $___________________ plus travel and shipping if required. Price does not include framing.

2. The client agrees to pay a non-refundable amount of 50% of Total Price

($_____________) to the Artist upon signing this contract and the remaining 50%

($______________) upon satisfactory completion of the painting described above.

3. The Artist will create a painting based on the description above. The Artist agrees to create up to three preparatory sketches from which to obtain client's approval before beginning the commissioned painting. 

4. All preparatory photos and sketches made within the duration of the commission for the purpose of the commission are property of the Artist. 

5. The Artist agrees to complete and deliver the Commissioned Painting on or before the date of ____________________ 

6. In the event that the Artist cannot deliver the painting or the client cannot pick it up, the client agrees to pay all necessary shipping expenses.

7. In the event of cancellation by the client, the Artist will retain the initial 50% payment and any artwork produced.

8. If the artist is not able to complete the painting for unforeseen personal reasons, the entire fee will be refunded.

9.In the event that the client is not satisfied with the artwork, the artist will make a good faith effort to alter the painting to the client’s satisfaction within the limits of the compositional specifications of the original agreement. Requests of this nature must be made within three months of the delivery of the portrait.


Copyright Issues

10.Fees are only for the original artwork and do not include copyrights or reproduction rights, which remain with the artist.

11.Purchase of a copyrighted artwork does not transfer the copyrights. The copyright to reproduce the works in copies, to produce derivative work based on the copyrighted image, and distribute copies is retained by the Artist. Any transfer of this copyright must be in writing expressly identifying what rights are being sold and for what purpose.

12. Works of art cannot be modified without the permission of the artist. Works cannot be distributed, mutilated or modified in any way that would prejudice the reputation of the Artist.

13. The artist maintains the copyright and the right to show the painting in his portfolio and will retain slides/computer files of the painting for use in exhibits, competitions, etc., including his website; however the artist agrees to maintain the anonymity of the subject if requested.



14. From time to time, this painting may be requested for the purpose of a planned showing of the artist’s works and require that the painting be temporarily borrowed.  The client accepts that this is a necessary part of the development of the artist’s brand and the value of his work and accepts that the painting may be borrowed for exhibition on occasion, but no more than once every 3 years and with all shipping and insurance expenses paid by the artist.



Care and Notification:

15.The Client agrees to make a good faith effort in the care of this painting. The Client agrees to notify the artist of any change in ownership of the painting.


I hereby agree to all terms and conditions set forth in this contract:




Signed__________________________ Date__________________




Signed__________________________ Date__________________


Please make checks payable to Kenwyn Murray. 


Signed and Dated,